Change CQD 2015 – Service account credentials

This article may help you with updating service account credentials in an existing CQD deployment.

Once you change the service account credentials, QoEarchiveupdate job and cube processing job will fail with below error;

You need to update the service account credentials in three different places.

  1. Open IIS manager in CQD portal server , navigate to application pool as below . Select the QoEportal credentials and update the password.

2. Open SQL management studio > connect to QoEarchive instance > expand credentials under security > update the credentials for QoEarchivecredentials and QoEcubecredenials as below.

3. Change the Impersonate account credentials. Open SSMS > connect to SQL analysis instance > navigate to QoEcube >Expand data source > select QoE Metric > right click and select properties.

Update the password as below and check the SQL agent job and cube processing job.

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