Get-Cs​Backup​Service​Status error – Failed to perform a windows communication foundation (WCF) call to backup service instance on computer

This a blog may help you to narrow down the issue. I have see above issue with few customers recently.

When you run the cmdlet from powershell, it will report following error. “Failed to perform a windows communication foundation (WCF) call to backup service instance on computer “. Verify that backup service is running. more details: “an error occurred while receiving the http response to service endpoint binding not using the http protocol. this could also be to an http request context being aborted by the server (possibly due to the service shutting down).”

Backup services on the FE servers normally would be up and running and admin will be part of RTC universal and local admin group for the deployment.

Run following from command prompt ( netsh http show servicestate ) and confirm if backup service is registered properly. It should give two registered config for backup services as below.

Check recommended TLS version and ciphers are enabled on the FE servers. This is crucial if interpool command is failing. Also make sure that port 135 and 444 is working as expected.

Try to access the backup service configuration XML from IE on the local FE, , it should return the configuration xml as below.

Verify if FE services are running under network service account. Also check the Kerberos SPN assignment to the SFB site and they are replicated properly to the pool if any.

Check the group membership for the user account or admin who runs the cmdlet, if membership list is huge, kerberos token length for the account may increase it any create issued when running the command. Test with another account to confirm the same.

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