Lync 2013 unified contact store (UCS) troubleshooting tips

Saleesh Neduvayalil

I would like to share few troubleshooting tips based on UCS deployment experiences. Assume that, you had successfully deployed Lync 2013 and exchange 2013 in the organization and enabled UCS. However, client contacts were still not migrated  to exchange server. Following steps may help to narrow down the issue;

Is there any exchange connectivity errors on Lync client as mentioned below ? If so, verify auto discover configuration on exchange CAS server,

Run following command if you haven’t set the auto discover record on the CAS box. Also make sure that auto discover DNS record is accessible from client machine.

“Get-ClientAccessServer | Set-ClientAccessServer -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri” .

Following PowerShell cmdlet would be helpful to identify if or not a user’s contacts can be accessed through the Unified Contact Store. If it is failed , verify the UCS configuration.

$cred = get-credential

Test-CsUnifiedContactStore -UserSipAddress -TargetFqdn –UserCredential $cred

Following cmdlet  will test  Lync Server Storage Service status on a Front End Server.  Make sure that test result is successful , if not cross check Lync services manually.

Test-CsExStorageConnectivity -SipUri -Binding NetTCP -DeleteItem -HostNameStorageService

Verify UCS service policy has been assigned to the users. Following cmdlet will list user’s service policy.

get-CsUser -Identity testuser

Verify partner application is successfully created ,following cmdlet would list the configuration of partner application.


Enable centralized logging and select lyssanducs as tracing scenario. You should run this command from windows cmd window.

Clscontroller.exe –start –scenario lyssanducs –pools

Stop the logging on the agent and output the log file to notepad. Following command would help you;

ClsController.exe -stop –scenario lyssanducs –pools

Search-csclsLogging –computers –components lyss  –loglevel  all –outputfilepath  “c:test.txt”

You can also use Lync debugging tool for collecting the logs. Following figure shows that Lync server has replied to contact subscription request that it has already migrated to exchange server.

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