Migrating CMS from Skype for business 2015 to SFB 2019

This blog is just for reference. Most of the steps are same as Lync 2013/2015. My CMS database is located in SFB 2015 pool. CMS replication is uptodate.

Create a blank database in SFB 2019 pool from powershell. I have an SE 2019 server in the topology.

Run move-csmanagementserver , it should show the target FQDN as below or you can specify the same.

CMS move was completed successfully. There was warning message to run the step-2 in source pool FE server to remove the master replicator and other components.

I ran SFB deployment step 2 in SFB 2019 SE server, however it didn’t add any components. It appears as it is not needed in SFB 2019 pool. Invoked CMS replication using invoke-csmanagementstoreplication cmdlet. Replication is working as expected in the topology.

Also check the status of FTA and master replicator service on the 2019 master server.

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