SFB 2015 – Call me at behavior for non-EV users

I have tested the scenario on SFB 2015 pool. Below users (test4& test5) are non-EV enabled.

I have assigned a conference policy to above users with ” AllowNonEnterpriseVoiceUsersToDialOut is set to true.

 User ((Test5) created a meeting and test4 jointed from another machine using meet URL. Selected “call me at” option and dialout to the PSTN number to replicate the PSTN calls.

I have received the calls on PSTN endpoint and it was connected just fine. You would get a banner at the meeting join page stating that audio is connected to a dialout number. Reviewed the CLS logs to understand the call flow. Outbound call to 4343 took global normalization rule to translate the number.

Also noticed that global voice policy was enforced to route the call to external PSTN endpoint.

When I set the conference policy parameter  “AllowNonEnterpriseVoiceUsersToDialOut” to false, same call was failed with error 404 which is expected for a non-EV endpoint.

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