Skype for business 2015 – 911 emergency call notification to DL from Polycom VVX

I blog may help you to understand the default behavior on emergency notification to a distribution group when calls are initiated from polycom vvx 500. I have created an exchange DL and added four members to the group for testing.

Created a Lync location profile in control panel and added the DL as notification URI. Also configured, user’s subnet and associated location and published the lis configuration.

Attached a polycom vvx to network and signed-in externally.

I have configured a snom gateway to receive 911 calls and a 3cx phone is registered with the snom gateway. Initially calls are made from SFB client for testing as below.

All the members of the DLs were able to receive the IM notification successfully. It was also added the location of the user who dialed the emergency call.

Later, I have dialed 911 from polycom vvx 500. Call was routed and established successfully , however notification was not generated.

When I looked at the SIP stack logging, I could see the emergency notification messages to all endpoints when calls are initiated from SFB client as below.

However, polycom call didn’t initiate any notification to any of the endpoints part of the DL. I believe, KB3216581 is still applicable for SFB 2015.

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