Skype for business 2015 – Address book web query failure due to high memory utilization on FE server

This is just for awareness, I have a SFB 2015 deployment on Hyper V with limited memory. My SFB users are assigned with address book web search policy. When you have high memory utilization, address book search may not return anything while searching for a keyword.

Fiddler trace will show that 500 error is returned by FE server for group search request as below. You can find the FE server FQDN from the fiddler response header.

My FE server had 96% memory utilization, it was preventing address book web query sproc execution.

Verify the SFB FE server event log and confirm if below event is logged in application log, if so add more memory to the box or clean up the process if any task is taking high memory. Once memory utilization is reduced, you should see the web query response from FE servers.

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