Skype for business 2015 – PowerPoint sharing troubleshooting workflow

This blog may help you to understand the expected workflow for troubleshooting the on-premise PPT sharing issues with SFB 2015 deployment.

I have SFB 2015 , WAC on-premise and SFB 2016 client for this troubleshooting session. User has created a meetnow session and started sharing the PPT. Below diagram may help you to understand the high level workflow.

  1. Client has selected PPT sharing option and uploaded a PPT, FE server create a meeting content location in fileshare and uploaded the PPT, later added a unique file ID.
  2. FE server create an access token/view/recording URL and shared with client.
  3. Client will send/access the URL with access token to WAC server.
  4. Wac server will contact internal web service or pool FQDN with hashed token and access the file.
  5. WAC server cache the PPT and broadcast to the client.

I have collected , fiddler and tracing from client, CLS logs from FE with following compoents (datamcuruntime, datamcu , LDM, infra/webinfra, s4/sip ), ULS from WAC (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Data\Logs\ULS) and network traces from WAC server .

Client :

SFB would have received a meeting configuration and user capability list when you joined the meeting, following options are needed for WAC/PPT upload functionality. Just make sure that below policy is turned on.

SFB client ETL will add below lines when you select the PPT, a request will be send to datamcu to add the content to fileshare.

You could also see a service request going out from client to FE stating that wac viewing URL was attempted. Normally, you could see a failure or error if wac URL is not reachable.

Fiddler trace from client shows that get slide request was sent to WAC server after access token verification.

FE server :

When you join the meeting, Data MCU will successfully assign a web ticket to the user/meeting, same token will be used for PPT access by WAC /FE.

Datamcu runtime process will execute the client request for the upload , reserve the title for PPT and corresponding bin file will be added to file share. DataMCU runtime will report below message, stating that PPT has been uploaded/published.

FE server will assign a file id to PPT and create a view/record URL for user/wac. Access token created earlier will be appended to the request. This will be shared with client as well. Please see the access URLs below.


SFB client will try to view the URL and it will redirect the connection to WAC server as below. WAC server will hash the access token and same token will be used for contacting FE server.

WAC server will strip the internal web service URL or pool URL and try to access the file uploaded earlier. WAC server will establish a TLS session with FE and provide the web ticket token for authorization.

After successful authentication, WAC server will access the PPT file and cache it. Later create a broadcast view file and sent to client.

As I mentioned before, if you have HLB configured for internal web service or TLS disabled/cypher disabled etc, internal connection from WAC to FE may fail. You may see an exception in ULS logs with network connection failure or negotiation failure.

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