Unable to filter Polycom user agent in Call quality Dashboard (on-prem)

Skype for business CQD on-premise deployment by default will not add the category for third party endpoints. Following article may be helpful for adding a new category for third party endpoints.

When you try to add a user agent filter in CQD dash board, you may see the message like ‘ we could not find any matching record’.

I have verified manually in QOEarchive user agent table in SQL database and polycom endpoints does exist , however their category is set to NULL by default.

Create a new category for Polycom devices in user agent def table like below. I have specified a sample UAType (15000) for polycom devices.

INSERT INTO [QoEArchive].[dbo].[UserAgentDef] (UAType,UAName,UACategory)

VALUES (‘15000′,’PolycomVVC-VVX_400-UA/′,’Polycom’)

Update all polycom endpoints to the new UAtype/category in user agent table. Please see the sample query below.

UPDATE [QoEArchive].[dbo].[UserAgent]

SET UAType = 15000

WHERE UserAgent like ‘polycom%’

Now, Polycom endpoints are assigned with a proper UAtype in user agent table.

Wait for 15 minutes to complete the Cube processing and replication. Now, you can filter the polycom user agents in CQD dashboard.

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